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How to Start Boosting TestosteroneNatural Testosterone Boosters

The question most frequently asked and this is why we created the Ultimate Natural Testosterone Boosting resource.

The second most common question is where can I find up-to-date, honest information? Well… fortunately you have found it right here.

As you will see, Natural Testosterone Boosting depends how you want to approach it. We don’t promote drugs or pro-hormones here.

I started with healthy foodsexerciseherbal supplements and wanted NO side effects.

Unlike many other websites, I have tried the supplements (I recommend) and also natural methods to find out what works and what doesn’t. I don’t have any problem telling you what is not worth the money.

If you have already decided on supplements then check my latest Natural Product Comparisons

If natural foods and remedies is more your approach then look at articles on herbal boosters and foods.

Once you get familiar with the types of herbs check out the testosterone booster supplement reviews.

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Testosterone is a Man’s Most Vidal Hormone

From here on we will give you some basic information about the hormone Testosterone. The fact is long term studies show men have an increased risk of heart disease and even death from low testosterone. Many health issues are related to low testosterone and also it plays a part in how we age.

Test Boosters or ED Drugs?

It goes without saying but the most disturbing symptoms of low testosterone are poor libido and/or erection dysfunction(ED) issues. There are of course many factors that can cause ED so you should try to seek medical advice. Biologically, testosterone levels start to decrease as we pass age 30 (and keep going down).

Many men will use ED medications and not address the root cause of erectile issues. By substituting these drugs/chemicals you risk the side effects on your body. Not only can they be harmful but they don’t address the underling cause (which could be just aging).

Since multi-vitamins can’t do everything, natural test boosters will help you on the way to healthy testosterone levels. There are top quality daily natural testosterone supplements to help maintain a man’s hormone health. As for the bedtime issues, fast acting pure herbal boosters are natural herbs and don’t give you the side effects that those ED “chemicals” do.

Testosterone Declines With Age

testosterone shbg decline with ageA well documented medical fact as a man, your testosterone level will decline 1% each year after age 30. Notice the chart shows (in blue) a decline in both free and total testosterone.

This being said, you need to take action in your life to help slow down the loss and help your overall health.

In order to get your body to naturally increase it’s testosterone production, you will need to try a combination of changes to your daily routines.

This will require a combination of eating proper foods, doing the correct exercises and supplementing with a natural testosterone booster or a pure herbal booster.

This combination of lifestyle changes will help your body produce testosterone. It helped me increase my testosterone and muscle mass without dangerous hormone replacement therapy (HRT). I want to share these tips with you so you too can conquer this problem. I have collected (and created) a number of helpful resources that you can use today.

In blog post articles we discuss the use of different common natural herbs that boost testosterone. An example of effective testosterone boosting supplements can be found here in the Best Natural Testosterone Boosters Comparison. There are many other reviews of top rated boosters so you can see what works.

Low Testosterone Symptoms

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Take Steps to Maintain Healthy Testosterone

By coming here you have taken the first step to improving your health by researching how to naturally boost low testosterone. This site has information strictly on 100% natural supplements no steroids, pro-hormones or drugs. Check out our resources like articles on herbal remediesreviews and new herbal booster supplements.

Testosterone Deficiency Symptoms

You may notice these symptoms as early as age 30:symptoms of low testosterone belly fat

  • Weight gain
  • Muscle loss
  • Sleep aponea
  • Moodiness
  • Memory loss
  • Fatigue
  • Diminished libido
  • Erectile issues

Medical Diagnosis

A visit to your Doctor with a lab test can establish your test level and treatment options. There are many methods to treat low testosterone often referred to as Hypogonadism, Andropause, Low T or Low Test. It could be as simple as reducing the excess estrogen in your body. Borderline hypogonadism has been linked to a number of health issues such as depression, obesity, erectile dysfunction, low libido, low energy and sleep disturbances.

Natural and Easy Ways to Boost Testosterone

1. Workouts or Exercise

The correct combination of foods, supplements and exercises will be the ticket to raising Muscle Building to Raise Testosteroneyour testosterone. The body needs to be stimulated in different ways to trigger the increase in testosterone. Doing the correct types of exercises is one of the key factors in raising testosterone. The best way is to have a regimented, program to accomplish this. Not doing those key exercises will just be a waste of energy and not impact testosterone or muscle growth.

Compound muscle type exercises are beneficial as are short duration, heavy weight sets. The preference is to use large muscle groups like the quadriceps to help increase your testosterone levels. It’s better if you do compound muscle exercises like squats, bench-press, shoulder presses.

2. Try to Eliminate Stress

To cope with stress your body increases it’s production of a hormone called cortisol. Too much cortisol can lead to weight gain and muscle loss. Control of this hormone is a key component to proper protein synthesis, muscle gain and testosterone levels.

 3. Get More SleepGet lots of sleep to help with low testosterone

Get the sleep you need and not at work! If you are already workout then you should know the value of sleep and how it can help you with recovery from training and making more consistent gains.  It is often said that gains are made out of the gym when you sleep….this is completely true.

What some people fail to realize is that this also an optimal time for maximizing the amount of natural testosterone your body produces.  It is generally recommended that we strive for 6 to 8 hrs of quality sleep at night each night.

Recent studies show that people with a significant decrease in sleep have dramatically lower testosterone than those who sleep well. People who to deviate from normal have less testosterone production and higher cortisol levels.

4. Limit Alcohol

Especially beer which contain hops as ingredients that are estrogenic. This can mess up your good testosterone levels. Not only this but alcohol can affect sleeping patterns which as said can elevate cortisol levels.

5. Lose Weight

If you accumulate fat your testosterone decreases due to an enzyme in the fat. This enzyme turns testosterone into oestrogen which is the female hormone. Since it works both ways, falling testosterone also leads to an increase in your body fat.

6. Change Diet to Natural Foods

Cruciferous Vegetables Increase TestosteroneEating certain healthy types of foods can boost low testosterone and lower estrogen. There are also many benefits from vitamin supplementation as well. For many, an over the counter testosterone booster could be the solution that works.

When considering how to fix low testosterone, some lifestyle changes maybe required too. Its important to keep in mind, everyone’s hormone levels and reaction to natural testosterone booster supplements is different. In some cases a combination of natural testosterone supplements and lifestyle changes could be needed to boost low testosterone.

It could be entirely possible that your testosterone levels are in the normal range but you need more of a libido booster. Fortunately you can check out some of my reviews of the higher quality natural test boosters. Some supplements will have libido boosters in their ingredient formula.

7. Use Natural Testosterone Booster Supplements

Fenugreek to increase testosteroneThe information provided here is only on safe natural test booster supplements so check out this comparison. Therefore nothing we will show you on this site involves the use of pro-hormones, steroids or drugs.

Best Herbal Supplements

There are a number of well documented herbal remedies for low testosterone. Some examples of top quality single herbals include: Pine PollenTongkat AliMucuna Pruriens

Articles on Supplements

Read these articles on how to build up testosterone using totally natural supplements: ZMA, Tongkat Ali, Fenugreek or Testofen, Pine Pollen, Mucuna Pruriens, Maca, Stinging Nettle Root,  Forskolin, and many others.

So How Can You Raise Testosterone Quickly?

The easiest way to increase testosterone naturally is to take a look at some potential deficiencies in your current nutrition/supplement plan. Making some simple diet changes can be a quick way to help increase your testosterone level. Here are 3 affordable natural testosterone supplements that are easy to find.

1. Use Vitamin ‘D’ Boost testosterone with vitamin D

If you live in the northern climates, you are probably vitamin D deficient due to cold cloudy miserable winter months.  With that being said, vitamin D is an extremely affordable natural supplement that helps boost your testosterone naturally.

While there are other nutrients that are important for the production of testosterone, the value of vitamin d is a bit different.  The relationship between vitamin D deficient men and testosterone is such that men with low levels of Vitamin D also have low levels of test and higher levels of estrogen in their body. Some higher quality test boosters will have Vitamin D in their formula.


2. Take a ZMA Testosterone Booster

Zinc can help increase testosterone Supplements like ZMA contain Zinc and Magnesium. These both will help by being a natural testosterone booster for your body.  Magnesium can add the body in cutting down inflammation as well as improving the antioxidant profile of your body.  The result? A greater release of both testosterone and IGF-1 into the body.

By adding magnesium to the body we allow it to maintain a sort of homeostasis for our hormones.  It should also be noted that magnesium helps to promote sleep, an extremely important and necessary thing for recovery and improving the testosterone in our body. Better quality test boosters will have the Zinc and Magnesium in their formulas.

 3 . Use Vitamin ‘C’ boost testosterone using vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to lower cortisol in the body which allows you to create a more adequate environment for producing testosterone. The supplementation of 1000-1500mg a day of natural Vitamin C can do just that.

Along with reducing cortisol and helping recovery, Vitamin C also helps stop the conversion of testosterone to estrogen in the body. Supplements that contain essential vitamins are natural testosterone boosters and benefit your overall health.


These Foods Can Boost Test Naturally

1. Foods with Zinc

boost testosterone with foods like zinc

I’m not saying you have to go and down all these oysters but. There is a documented relationship between men that suffer from a zinc deficiency and low testosterone. The addition of a natural zinc supplement to men who were zinc deficient can result in an increase in free test by more than double!

If your goal is strength and adding more muscle to your frame (who doesn’t want that?) then zinc should be one of the top natural testosterone boosters on your list. More info on Zinc…




2. Healthy Fats

gain testosterone eating healthy fatsTo understand the importance of fats and testosterone it helps to know that testosterone is produced from cholesterol in the body.  We get cholesterol in the body by simply eating a diet that is rich in healthy fats.

If you are concerned with the levels of testosterone in your body or are trying to raise your Test levels then you definitely need to give your body the fuel to create testosterone.

Not consuming fats would be the same idea as trying to drive your car without gas.  It just doesn’t work.  So with that being said it is important to eat a diet that contains healthy fats.  You should strive to eat a diet containing 20%-30% of your daily caloric intake based on  natural healthy fats.

What types of foods should this be?

  1. Avocados
  2. Nuts
  3. Healthy Oils (Olive, Coconut etc)

You will also be consuming fats through your protein sources (dark meat chicken, beef and fish) but it does help to take a fish oil supplement to up your omega-3 intake.  Omega 3 are great for reducing inflammation and improving your fat profile in your blood.

3. Foods that Decrease Estrogen

The final point doesn’t directly involve the production of testosterone, but rather the decrease of estrogen in your
body.  The two are related and we would like to make the environment in your body as beneficial for testosterone as possible.

In order to do so, one simple change can be made and that is adjusting your diet.  Regardless of whether or not you are looking to make changes in the hormone levels in your body the following is just do sound advice.

I am pretty sure no one ever got sick from eating too many vegetables.  In fact, every weight loss type of program encourages you to be eating these forms of produce.

So what are they?Raise testosterone by eating Cruciferous vegetables

Raw cruciferous vegetables examples:

  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Cabbage

If you don’t know what those are then I’ll make this simple basically, anything high in indoles is what we want to consume.  Indoles help to reduce the poor forms of estrogen that reduce our testosterone levels. These indole-3-carbinols are another form of natural test boosters.

To recap those quick natural testosterone booster tips are…

  1. Take Vitamin D daily – studies show numerous benefits
  2. Take Magnesium daily – helps hormone levels
  3. Consume Vitamin C – at least 1000-1500mg
  4. Get plenty of sleep – at least 8 hours
  5. Exercise large muscle groups – like quads
  6. Eat foods with Zinc – it could double free testosterone
  7. Consume Healthy Fats – at least 20-30%
  8. Consume lots of vegetables – containing indoles

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Treatment for hypogonadism inject needleUsing drug hormone replacement therapy can be dangerous. Studies show an increase risk in heart attacks for those who choose synthetic testosterone replacement therapy.

It is much safer to stimulate your body using natural test boosters to produce testosterone than to inject it or use testosterone patches. All natural test boosters are by far the safer method.


Risks of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Some of the disadvantages of testosterone drug replacement therapy:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Prostate growth
  • Enlargement of breasts
  • Limits sperm production
  • Stimulates existing prostate cancer
  • Baldness

Testosterone Level Testing

It is good to establish a starting or base level of your testosterone. This will allow you to understand if the low test treatment you are using is effective. Your doctor can arrange this for you and in some cases it could cost you money.

Another low cost option is a saliva test that can be done at home. Once you have results, a consultation with your doctor will reveal the treatment options. After you get results you can compare them to the total testosterone levels chart below.


Mens testosterone levels chart






The following explains the common terminology of the male sex hormones in your blood tests.

Free testosterone is the most important number for building muscle and sexual functions. There are 2 proteins involved with the amount of free testosterone. These are Sex Horome Binding Globulin (or SHBG) and Albumin.

Total Testosterone – is a combined measure of free, amount bound to SHBG plus what is bound to albumin.

Free Testosterone – is the 0.5-3% of testosterone that is not bound to the proteins SHBG or albumin. Men with low levels of free testosterone could lose their sex drive, suffer some bone loss, or worse case become infertile.

Bio-available Testosterone – is the combination of the small amount of free T, plus the much larger amount of T that is loosely bound to albumin.

In Summary

The information contained in this Guide is more of a brief tutorial. There is a lot more information to be found throughout this website. There are plenty of non-biased articles on natural test boosters, healthy testosterone boosting foods and plenty of new natural testosterone booster reviews.

Using synthetic hormone replacement drugs can be hazardous to your health and require constant medical monitoring. This can also prove to be very costly with doctors’ visits and blood tests.

Allowing your body to produce and regulate the testosterone hormone levels is the safest option. By far the healthiest option is always using natural testosterone boosters. Using all natural testosterone supplements combined with diet and exercise is paramount to raising your testosterone level.

Check out these articles on some common natural boosters like ZMA, Tongkat Ali, Fenugreek, Pine Pollen, Mucuna Pruriens, Maca, Stinging Nettle, Forskolin, and many others. We will discuss why to use these common ones for best results also 6 Best Natural Testosterone Boosters Comparison.



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