5 Top Vitamins to Boost Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is such an important hormone for the health and well being of men. Taking a vitamin and mineral supplement can help to boost testosterone levels. If you are one of the many men who have low levels of testosterone, you should consider taking action to improve it. Unfortunately, too many men avoid seeking help and instead just hope that their testosterone levels improve by themselves.

Testosterone vitaminsWhat you should do is consider supplementing with the following 5 top vitamins to boost testosterone naturally. However, not all supplements are created equal – there’s a lot of trash out there! Read these tips for choosing a suitable vitamin and mineral supplement!

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vitamins to increase testosterone

  • Vitamins and minerals are synergistic – meaning they all need to work together to achieve an enhanced result. You can’t isolate a single one to improve testosterone.
  • The supplement industry is largely unregulated meaning there are many cheap, ineffective products available. A good product is backed by pharmaceutical grade ingredients, therapeutic doses and independent research.
  • Our food is designed to be natural – not from a chemistry laboratory. NaturalTestBoost.com is a huge fan of complex supplements (more than one ingredient) including herbs, which are rich in vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients delivered as nature intended. Taking a supplement in a natural form aids absorption and will contain a whole spectrum of nutrients.

So here are our Top 5 vitamins that boost testosterone:

1. Vitamin A  – This vitamin is stored in various locations in the body, including the testicles. Study after study has shown that when the levels of vitamin A in the testes are low or no existent, that testosterone levels begin to rapidly drop, while the levels of estrogen rise.

One study that featured 155 male twins found that direct connection between serum testosterone and vitamin A levels. In fact, in prepubescent teens, supplements of iron and vitamin A can be just as effective as hormone replacement therapy in jump starting puberty.

2. Vitamin B Complex – This contains eight different water-soluble vitamins and plays a vital role in the overall levels of bodily energy and testosterone production. Males who have a deficiency in B vitamins also see an increase in estrogen levels, decrease in testosterone levels and a rise in prolactin levels. vitamins for testosterone3. Vitamin C – Vitamin C has shown to provide a protective effect on the testosterone molecules. This has to do with the fact that vitamin C has antioxidant properties and has the ability to block oxidative damage and certain cortisol secretion.

4. Vitamin D – A 3332 IU dose of vitamin D supplements taken for a year can actually cause testosterone levels to increase up to 25-percent. Various studies have shown that vitamin D has a positive effect on serum testosterone levels.

5. Vitamin E – Studies on humans and rodents with a vitamin E deficiency showed a drop in testosterone levels. When given vitamin E supplements, both the humans and rodents in the study showed an increase in serum testosterone levels.

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vitamins that increase testosterone

Along with the above vitamins to boost testosterone naturally, the following minerals have shown to have an increase in testosterone levels in healthy adult males:

vitamins for testosterone1. Magnesium – According to various studies, 10mg of magnesium can increase the amount of free testosterone by up to 24-percent. In another study, the intake of magnesium had a positive connection with high levels of serum testosterone. And in an even larger study, evidence showed that magnesium has a positive influence on testosterone.

2. Calcium – This mineral helps control neurotransmitter that signal between the cells and hormones. While not much is known about the effects calcium has on testosterone, a study conducted in 1976 found that, in the isolated Leydig cells, the calcium actually stimulated testosterone synthesis. In another study, conducted over 30 years later, it was found that calcium didn’t effect testosterone levels when in a resting state but they did increase after exercise.

3. Selenium – This mineral has a glutathione-stimulating effect that studies and research have linked to an increase in the production of testosterone as well as sperm parameter improvement.

4. Zinc – In research, zinc has shown to have a significant effect on the production of testosterone. In fact, a zinc deficiency will negatively affect your endocrine system. Some experts believe that zinc is one of the most vital micro nutrients for testosterone production.

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testosterone vitamins

As with any other natural testosterone treatment, always consult with your doctor. They will be able to help you determine which treatment option is best for your specific needs and situation.

vitamins that boost testosteroneAs a final summary, choose your top vitamins to boost testosterone naturally as part of a research based, complex formula. You will gain maximum benefit for your health and well being by having a spectrum of nutrients working in synergy.

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