Dietary Components that Increase Testosterone Naturally

In this article we talk about how dietary components that can increase Testosterone Naturally. Eating the correct foods in the quantities required for your calculated intake can be the difference between winning and placing in competitions.Increase Testosterone Naturally

On Wednesday May 9, a television channel in the United States showed the findings of a German research conducted
on 115 men who were obese to show how testosterone can be increased in the body naturally through dieting. The 12-week long study sponsored by a manufacturer of therapy meant to replace testosterone showed that there was a solid relationship between testosterone levels, diet, weight, cholesterol and blood pressure. Bodybuilders all over the world can use such findings to enhance their bodybuilding.

While some people would opt for testosterone injections, it is highly recommended to use natural supplements to boost testosterone rather than artificial hormones. Diet is a leading natural method of increasing testosterone in the body. Here are foods to include in your diet to increase the production of testosterone and enhance bodybuilding.

Herbs and Veggies

Increase Testosterone Naturally broccoliBeans are a good source of not only protein but also zinc and fiber. Overall, beans are a great source food for triggering the increase in production of testosterone hormones in the body. They also help in cleaning out the body for unhealthy fats. Baked beans can significantly boost the production of testosterone.
Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage are good veggies for bodybuilders who want to increase their testosterone levels. These contain high amounts of indole 3 carbinol, a compound that has a high effect for cutting down by half the hormone estradiol that encourages the formation of fat around the body. As discussed earlier, fats harbor estrogen and reduce testosterone production.

Studies have been able to show that garlic has an active ingredient called Allicin, which is good at enhancing testosterone production in men. Garlic also helps the body reduce the production of cortisol, a hormone that competes with testosterone in release.

Dairy ProductsIncrease Testosterone Naturally dairy

A single cup of cottage cheese is a good source of healthy protein that enhances the release of testosterone.

Bodybuilders who want to evade the side effects of fat intake that come from the consumption of chicken or beef can opt for cottage cheese to increase testosterone levels.

Take note that some other dairy products may not be good because they will distort your muscle building process by increasing the content of fat on your body. Fat encourages the production of estrogen as opposed to testosterone, which becomes a setback to any bodybuilder. Therefore, restrict your intake of dairy products as much as possible to the right ones.


Increase Testosterone Naturally oystersIncluding the right types of meats is a natural way of increasing testosterone levels in the body. So far, quite a large number of meats are the best for boosting the release of testosterone. Diets rich in oysters are a good source of zinc, a major mineral in the production of testosterone in the body. Other sources of good protein, magnesium, zinc and monounsaturated fats include lean beef, eggs and poultry.

Although protein-rich foods such as eggs may contain cholesterol that is good for increasing testosterone naturally, watching your blood cholesterol levels is very important in helping avoid cardiovascular diseases. In most cases, natural supplements of testosterone (diets) are recommended to commercial pills and injections

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