Does Muira Puama Affect Testosterone?

Muira Puama to boost testosteroneThis article will help to answer the question does Muira Puama affect Testosterone. Sometimes referred to as Potency wood, Marapuama or Potenzholz. Muira Puama is a Brazilian aphrodisiac and supposed cure for sexual impotence.

Some formulations such as tinctures are made from the trunk or roots of the two shrubs (Ptychopetalum olacoides and Ptychopetalum unicatum). Muira puama is one of four herbs combination called Catuama.

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Components of Muira Puama

Chemically muira puama has a mix of esters, lupeol, behenic acid and beta-sitosterol. Additionally Muira Puama contains fatty acids. It also contains other plant components such as resin, tannin, volatile oil. Also a variety of fatty acids are found in Muira Puama.

Libido benefits

This herbal remedy is more for daily use. Essentially a replacement for those who don’t wish to take Viagra or similar products. Some people use it as a daily regiment for erectile (ED) problems. Muira Puama is used as a substitute for some similar herbals like Yohimbe.

Effects on Testosterone

Does Muira Puama affect Testosterone? There is really no evidence to support that Muira Puama will have any impact on testosterone. No studies have been found to indicate it is anything more than an aphrodisiac.

It has adaptogenic properties so Muira Puama may very well help to reduce stress. The real benefit to this natural supplement is its ability to support libido in both sexes.

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Increases Libido in Women

A French study involving 202 healthy women complaining of reduced sexual desire, reported 65% improvement after receiving treatment with a supplement containing Muira Puama and ginkgo biloba.

Side Effects

It is considered a safe herbal supplement. There doesn’t appear to be any out of the ordinary side effects in most people.

In Summary

This article will help to answer the question does Muira Puama affect Testosterone. As you can see from the information provided that Muira Puama is actually more of an aphrodisiac. The affects on testosterone are unfounded. You are likely to find this as an ingredient in libido enhancers.

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