How Chrysin Increases Testosterone

How Chrysin Increases Testosterone


How chrysin increases testosteroneChrysin is a colorless crystal compound which forms part of a selection of yellow or white plant pigments and is subsequently classified as flavones. This naturally occurring substance, which can be found in passion flowers, chamomile, mushrooms and in honeycomb, has captivated the imagination of the bodybuilding industry, which is to be expected considering how Chrysin increases testosterone.


In order to understand how Chrysin increases testosterone, its properties first have to be examined, particularly with regards to a study carried out concerning this flavonoid variety. The Turkish study was relatively straightforward, seeking to observe the relationship between testosterone levels and the ingestion of Chrysin with very interesting findings. Having used a 50mg daily dosage of Chrysin per kilogram of bodyweight, it was found that testosterone levels were boosted by more than 30%, improving sperm quality as one of the associated effects.


While this particular Turkish study was conducted on rats, some parallels with how Chrysin increases testosterone in humans can be drawn. Taking into account the dosage-to-body-mass ratio administered to the rats, this would amount to a daily human-dosage equivalent of approximately 500 to 800mg. This is admittedly high, but as a result of the marvels of modern medicine, dietary supplementation catering to this required dosage could quite easily match the otherwise impractical task of eating foods that naturally contain such high amounts of Chrysin.


In the evaluation of how Chrysin increases testosterone levels, in both males and females, some performance-enhancing benefits immediately become apparent. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder or an athlete to benefit from the process of how Chrysin increases testosterone. Improvements to your sexual health, prostate health and your body’s ability to recover from strenuous activity are all cited as positive effects of boosted testosterone, as a direct result of Chrysin intake.


While the effects of how Chrysin increases testosterone have recently re-entered the spotlight, the use of Chrysin to boost testosterone levels isn’t a new practice at all. In fact, Chrysin was a big dietary supplement back in the nineties, following the conclusion of the revealing rat study.

Bodybuilding was also really big in the nineties, but in recent times, the benefits of enhanced testosterone levels spread beyond the bodybuilding circuits. Sportspersons active in pretty much all sporting codes can benefit from increased testosterone levels, induced by the ingestion of Chrysin supplements, not particularly to enhance their performance, but rather as an effective part of their rehabilitation programs to overcome injuries.


Chrysin effectively alters testosterone synthesis on a hormonal level, which is why it is very effective in increasing testosterone. Another reason for its effectiveness in elevating testosterone levels is the fact that it has its origins in naturally-occurring plants.

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