Simple Herbal Testosterone Supplements for Men

Simple Herbal Testosterone Supplements for Men

Herbal Testosterone Supplements for MenA decrease in testosterone levels are an all too common occurrence that afflict adult men of all ages. And with a lower testosterone level comes a decrease in sex drive and energy.

Low levels of testosterone can also negatively impact your overall health, attitude and well-being. That is why it is important for those men suffering from low testosterone take the necessary steps to help boost their levels. Thankfully, there are several herbal testosterone supplements for men readily available.


GingerHerbal Testosterone Supplements for Men ginger

A well know herb that is used for both culinary and medicinal purposes, ginger has also shown promise for testosterone problems. In fact, one study found that ginger raised the testosterone levels of healthy males by an average of 17-percent.


Part of the broccoli family, maca is a vegetable that is native to Peru. This herb has long been used as a natural aphrodisiac. It is the root of the maca plant that is used to treat various issues, including low testosterone levels.

Horny Goat WeedHerbal Testosterone Supplements for Men goat-weed

For centuries, Chinese medicine has used this natural herb with a funny name to treat a wide array of problems, including erectile dysfunction, pain, low libido and fatigue. It has also shown promise in boosting testosterone levels naturally.


Holy Basil

Holy basil contains a many different important nutrients that can help overcome infertility. And while the science is still unsure about how effective it is as boosting testosterone production, holy basil is well-known for its ability to enhance the libido.

Saw Palmetto

The saw palmetto is a small palm tree that is native to the Southeastern United States. It contains fatty acids that have be praised for boosting testosterone levels. Furthermore, saw palmetto has shown to be effective at suppressing prostate growth.

FenugreekHerbal Testosterone Supplements for Men fenugreek

The seeds of this plant have been used for many, many years to treat various problems, including erectile dysfunction, stomach issues and various other ailments. Fenugreek can also help enhance the libido.

Anacylus Pyrethrum

Is an aphrodisiac herb that is similar to chamomile in appearance and habitat. Anacylus Pyrethrum has been said to enhance male virility and vitality while also acting as a brain tonic. There is little scientist research to back up these claims, but supporters of this herb tout its ability to increase testosterone levels and restore manliness.


Ginseng is a much coveted herb that has many uses, including boosting energy levels by promoting the production of testosterone.

Paederia FoetidaHerbal Testosterone Supplements for Men herb-berries

This herb is primarily used for male vitality. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been studied enough to determine whether or not it would be useful in testosterone production.

Basella Alba

This fast growing vine showed to boost the testosterone levels of lab rats, but little to no human testing has been conducted. With that said, users of this herb have praised its ability to increase testosterone levels.

Butea Superba

Butea Superba is a fairly well known herb used in Thai medicine. There are several claims that he can effectively increase testosterone levels. Unfortunately, there are no scientific research to back up the claims.

Bryonia Laciniosa

This herb is traditionally used as an aphrodisiac and even contains compounds that promote fertility. Bryonia Laciniosa is also said to enhance youthfulness, increase masculinity and improve low testosterone levels.

While the above herbs are consider relatively safe, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and discuss each supplement with your holistic doctor before taking. They will be able to give you their expert advice on which herbal testosterone supplements for men would work best for your specific needs and situation.

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