Six Star Testosterone Booster Review

Six Star Testosterone Booster Review

The Pros:

  • All natural formula
  • Made in USA in GMP certified facility

The Cons:

  • Only 4 basic ingredients
  • Ingredients mostly for reducing estrogen
  • Not enough capsules in a bottle

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About the Ingredients

In this Six Star Testosterone Booster Review I found that there are number of questions about this product.

Boron is the Main Ingredient

The ingredient Boron is what they saying is the key ingredient. It is a well know mineral that can lower the amount of estrogen in your body. Thus there would be a increase in free testosterone to a point. But that’s all Boron is going to do and when the estrogen is lowered the free testosterone will plateau.

Studies are Not Conclusive

Some studies have found really no effect on free testosterone. So Boron will work for some and not for others.This is why you don’t want to use one primary ingredient to boost testosterone.

Rhodiola No Impact on Testosterone

The other main ingredient is Rhodiola. This is more to do with cortizol levels which are important but not normally a key ingredient in what you are marketing as a testosterone booster. Studies show no evidence of increased testosterone from Rhodiola.

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Six Star Testosterone Side Effects

There doesn’t appear to be any reported side effects. Most of the listed ingredients are not known for side effects. Also the amounts of the key ingredients are fairly low so this will help as well.

About Dosage

The serving quantity appears to be a 500mg capsule. The directions take 2 capsules 2 times each day. Based on the fact there are 60 capsules in a bottle that would suggest only 15 days per bottle. Not sure why you would sell less than a month supply in a bottle. Why would you package this is sort of an inconvenient quantity.


This product is a lower quality testosterone booster. Most of the ingredients are for cortizol not testosterone boosting. While the Boron may or may not help free testosterone remains to be seen and will be quite subjective. Basically it may not help your testosterone at all.

There are many other products that are better quality and well documented on the market. Based on the ingredients I would say this will not impact testosterone levels as effectively as other recommended testosterone boosters.


I would not recommend this product due to the very basic low quality ingredients.

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