What Tribulus is the Best Natural Testosterone Booster?

In this article we are going to discuss which variety of tribulus extract is the best testosterone booster supplement. You will learn what Protodioscin is and why it is so important in tribulus.

We will compare tribulus terrestris and tribulus alatus. Since tribulus alatus is a lesser known variety we will discuss the differences and whether it is effective. Read on to determine What Tribulus is the Best Natural Testosterone Booster?

Tribulus terrestris extract

What is Tribulus?

There are more than 50 species of tribulus plants. Tribulus is an annual plant in the caltrop family that grows in dry climate locations. It is native to warm temperate and tropical regions of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Tribulus extracts can be comprised of the root, seeds, fruit, or the branches with the fruit. The alatus type contains compounds from the fruit.

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tribulus terrestris testosterone

What is tribulus extract used for?

Tribulus extract is anabolic and has been used for centuries as a natural alternative to steroids without the side effects. Tribulus helps to support healthy hormone production and male reproductive health by boosting and regulating testosterone. There are many health benefits for men including muscle building, restorative sleep, good mood, libido, pain reduction and protection of the cardiovascular system.

Tribulus extract was credited for improving physical performance (without disqualification) in the 1970s by Olympic Bulgarian athletes, particularly the weight lifters. However, keep in mind the entire 2008 Bulgarian weight lifting team was banned due to extensive anabolic steroid use!


Comparing Tribulus Terrestris and Tribulus Alatus Extracts

Does Tribulus Terrestris Work for Test Boosting?

Tribulus terrestris is the most common and cheapest extract for a testosterone boosting supplement. Most good quality tribulus will have a high saponin content dependent on the geographical location of the plant. Saponins are phytochemicals naturally occurring in plants and have multiple health benefits, including increasing testosterone – leading to muscle growth, increased strength and enhanced athletic performance. Protodioscin is a steroidal saponin compound for which tribulus is particularly renowned for. The main thing to see is how much protodioscin is in the extract. Cheap tribulus supplements fall short on potency by using non-beneficial plant parts such as the leaves. A good quality tribulus terrestris supplement for increasing testosterone will obtain the extract from the fruit, roots or seeds.

Check the amount of protodioscin in your tribulus supplement!

Protodioscin is the active muscle building compound and is twice as high in tribulus from Turkish, Bulgarian and Macedonian origins. Since protodioscin is a key component of tribulus it is preferable to have it listed in the ingredients of a supplement. Look for an extract standardized to at least 6 % protodioscin. Most tribulus supplements will have at least 45% or 55-90 mg of saponins with protodioscin as a component.

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tribulus testosterone side effects

Studies Show Tribulus Terrestris Increases Testosterone

Many people have researched Tribulus and found the hormonal and aphrodisiac benefits.



Does Tribulus Alatus Work for Test Boosting?

Tribulus alatus is a concentrated relative of tribulus terrestris and is a relatively new T booster on the market. It is very important that proper plant parts must to be used for tribulus alatus to work as a supplement. The aerial parts of the tribulus alatus plant should be used which include the fruit. Tribulus alatus is suggested to be more effective and superior than terrestris because it contains 6 unique steroidal saponins including spirostan, furostanol, and cholestane. However there is not as much research available so proceed with caution. There are some studies showing it is effective at raising testosterone levels in rats.


The key to testosterone boosting is protodioscin

Protodioscin is the most potent and most effective of the steroidal saponins. Protodioscin is the active ingredient in both tribulus terrestris and tribulus alatus, responsible for stimulating the luteinizing hormone (LH) and raising testosterone levels. Protodioscin remains a staple ingredient for anyone looking to boost testosterone, increase strength and achieve muscle gains.

What is the Dosage of Tribulus Terrestris or Alatus?

According to research the dosage of 5mg/kg of tribulus terrestris saponins, which is seen as the optimal dose, would correlate to a human dose. For tribulus terrestris; a 60% saponin extract and a dose of between 200-450mg a day is typical. As previously mentioned, close to 45% of the saponin should be protodioscin for effective testosterone boosting. The dosage for tribulus alatus is more in the range of 70% at 500mg or 350mg.

What are the Side Effects of Tribulus Terrestris or Alatus?

Tribulus in general does not have any major side effects. Some people have noticed slight stomach cramps but very few experience this condition if taking as recommended. Most of the research around tribulus is with studies of limited length so the long term side effects of taking tribulus terrestris or alatus are largely unknown.

In Conclusion – What Tribulus is the Best Natural Testosterone Booster?

It is essential to choose a tribulus supplement for testosterone boosting from a company committed to high quality, research based products. The quality of the saponins of tribulus terrestris is dependent on geographical location and which parts of the plant are used. For example, Bulgarian tribulus is the only extract to possess required spirostanol and furostanol saponins. When looking for a tribulus terrestris supplement check the amount of protodioscin to ensure it is at least 45% or higher. There is more research to support the use of tribulus terrestris for testosterone boosting with virtually no side effects.

There is less research available to support the use of tribulus alatus for testosterone boosting, BUT it does have a superior saponin profile. If you are more thinking of using tribulus alatus, then make sure that it is pure alatus from the fruit and not a scaled down extract. There are not many products containing tribulus alatus so the ones out there could be very expensive to buy. Buying a good quality natural testosterone booster containing tribulus terrestris may be easier on your budget.

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tribulus alatus

Tribulus terrestris extract is a widely available, well researched supplement for testosterone boosting with virtually no side effects. Protodioscin levels are the key to a quality supplement.

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